Elasto-Thane 227/227R

Pac Poly Elasto-Thane 227 227R A 1.5g 2016-04-09 [MOCKUP]

Pacific Polymers® Elasto-Thane 227/227R is a two-part, gun-grade, nonstaining, polyurethane sealant which cures to a firm, flexible tear-resistant rubber. It is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics after extended periods of compression or elongation, and bonds to masonry, wood, glass and metal. Elasto-Thane 227/227R is used for sealing and caulking all joints that are subject to movement caused by expansion
and contraction of structures with changes in temperature. It is not resistant to chlorine.


  • Two component polyurethane
  • Non-sag
  • Gun grade
  • Premeasured kit


  • 1.5 Gal (Component A and B)


  • Concrete Gray